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Our earth, the climate on our earth has been changing ever since it existed. The warming of our globe or as we now all refer to it global warming is a result of natural process. We humans are not the cause, it is the result of many complex natural events and factors that are leading to the change in the globes temperature. No one fully understands the complex problem of global warming not even the scientists. Those of us that understand global warming to be a natural event are viewed as pathetic and radical by so called global warming activist. Change needs to happen, science needs to be understood, you need to know the facts.

The earth’s climate has actively been changing ever since it was created 4.6 billion years ago. There have been many warm periods throughout the earth history, most recently though we have seen 4 warming’s of the earth during the existence of humans. Temperatures have reached levels a lot higher than our current average temperatures. These temperatures were so high no ice was seen at any of the poles.

There are several recordings of global warming recorded in the recent history.  2500 years ago, a phase called the roman warm period saw the average temperatures 2 degrees higher than last year’s average. Around 1000 years ago the earth again saw another warming worldwide, the medieval warming where the temperatures saw another average increase. A small increase it may seem but even these had the detrimental effects worldwide. It was recorded that trees struggled to flower in several European country’s during the Roman warm period. I mean it’s not farfetched to state that our trees are thriving without a problem. Yet we are already concerned that us Humans are the cause for the warming of our earth.

Its common sense now to know that our earth is orbiting the sun, and our planet is heated by the sun. What many of us fail to understand is that in fact our orbit is not a perfect round orbit. The orbit is more of an elliptic shape. Distance between the sun and the earth therefore changes depending on the stage of the orbit. Currently we are closer to the sun and as a result the earth is warming. The closer we are more intense rays reach the earth atmosphere resulting in a more intense heating than usual.

The rays are the reason we feel heat, and just like our earth that is constantly undergoing change in all forms and ways; the sun is also changing. Not as simple as a basic fire the sun has certain periods of changing intensity. Smaller more intense fires happen while the main fire on the sun continues to burn. The small fires may sometimes rage on for many hundreds of years relising more intense rays. A failure by us to not realise that the sun that gives us our day and night is also undergoing change. Change that is leading to the current warming. 

As we know change on our earth is also happening has happened and will carry on to happen. Below the earth crust is the flow of lava shifting the landmass but also its forming the landmass through the cracks in our crust. Volcanic eruptions are one of the biggest cause in the earth climate change. Km of ash clouds and tonnes of gases such as CO2 are spewed out having a direct effect on our climate. Eruptions spew many gases and ash high up in to the atmosphere blocking the sun’s rays, this resulting in a decrease in the globe’s temperature.

Chile witnessed the largest volcanic eruption in the 21 century in 2011 where over one hundred million tons of ash were ejected in to the air. The destruction saw a drop in global temperatures worldwide. Having there not been any major eruption for the last 6 years its evident that the earth hasn’t been able to cool down. Our earth hasn’t been able to find a break from the blazing sun for years now. 6 years however is a short length of time, our earth in the past has been exposed for hundreds of years without break. Where worldwide temperatures were well above our current average. Is it not insane that our scientists are already concerned after only 6 years? Imagine the obscene behaviours that we will see from global warming activist in just 2 years’ time, they being unaware the warming may very quickly become a cooling with one eruption.

Actively volcanos are continuously secreting Co2 and many other gases constantly in to the air. Unbelievably all volcanoes worldwide are emitting up to 260 million tons of CO2 a year, an enormous amount. Yet we are in firm belief that human related CO2 emissions is the devil in global warming. It is shallow by scientist to blame the large amount of CO2 gas in the atmosphere as a result of only human activity. Analysis of CO2 levels over years show no direct correlation between global temperatures and C02 levels. Wide spread evidence is being chosen to be ignored and as result we are being misled by the scientist we used to trust.

Naturally the CO2 levels are high in our atmosphere, with no period of cooling being observed for over 6 years now, it’s obviously natural that the temperatures will continue to rise until a cooling period is seen. Its time our society started to understand, understand that global warming is a natural process. Anyone with some incentive can research the simple facts I have stated. Yet most of you are still in the firm belief that you are part of the global warming’s cause. Why blame yourself for something you have no control over? And I would be surprised if anyone here went to any extra length today to reduce their C02 emissions. If you really cared you would have.

I mean its self-answering, if the politicians wanted you to aid in really reducing the globes temperature they would be able to, but they know the science doesn’t line up. Time and money is better spent elsewhere. We are only alive for a short moment so why worry about something that won’t see our life time. Our planet is changing and it’s not in our control. Focus on living your life, a life that should be full of growth, development, prosperity and expansion. 

Note: I am a supporter of global warming, this speech has been made as an assessment task for Level 3 NCEA English.

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