Dull grey tiles surrounded Vincent as the heat repelled off his neck. The harsh light had just risen and was already out seeking to find the white fragile skin but it is was hidden under the grimy suits. Thick air drifted about between the city’s buildings, with it mouth full of various arousing chemicals. It was the smell of over flavoured lollies which just tasted to artificial to enjoy. isticks were to blame, Vincent hated them, just then he again caught a huff of blueberry. It hit him and the raspy feeling down his throat was to much to hold back his urge to cough. Just as he raised his head to release himself from the blueberry he paused quickly and then let the blueberry go. He caught a glimpse of the sand stones that built up the historic church opposite him. Only remembering the size of the church from years ago when his grandparents took him through it. Now sometimes he wasn’t even sure if the building went above the door height he only knew it did as in the afternoons he could see the sharp edges in the buildings shadow. Shadows were Vincent’s way of exploring they area around him. While he was waiting for the bus he had already counted 20 people and it was easy today as the shadows were so defined on the black tar road it was even clear enough to see that there were 17 fat and 3 normal sized people. But Vincent knew the act of studying shadows had its dangers. His selfie camera was always tracking his irises. Apart from two people, Vincent was unable to see how many people were waiting on the left as some building with a yellow wall projected this shadow. It also made it hard to know when the bus was coming cause you could only tell it was there when it got in front of you. A gentle humming from the refined eclectic motors was the signal. The city had become so quite now it was almost depressing if you would concentrate on it which most people weren’t. Vibrations raced up Vincents arm, “iBus A13 arrived” jolted from his wondering thoughts Vincent eyes raced back to the attention of his iPhone.

Walking up past the seats which still had the same dull design and colours from the pervious century Vincent found his usual spot. Here the risk of being caught was low, clear view of the grimy seats and the lifeless bodies of them scrolling. Vincent waited for the bus to settle down and began to pay some real attention to his iPhone. Scrolling through his latest ifeed, Vincent was a little intrigued by the latest scandal of a politician. ifeed was where everyone could see all the latest news, fake news, viral videos, pointless videos and abuse. Again another politician had recorded secretly the meeting of the opposition party and now the abuse followed in, it was horrific Vincent still struggled see how people could write such horrific things. Its as if everyone had this inner aggressive shark ready to rip the victim to shreds, “Hang the Fool”, “Live stream his torture”.

ifeed had citizens hooked by their eyes, selfie cameras hooked on to their iris tracking the eyes of the citizens. Pupil dilation and various eye movement and reactions were all measured and calculate to make each person ifeed more personalised and entertaining. Most people new they were be watching but didn’t care as they still believed the useless content flying through was entertaining and useful. Vincent had to fake his amusement best he could. Just putting your iPhone down was inconceivable, instantly the iPhone detected your hand was not in contact releasing this screeching alarm. You were never able to loose your phone not even purposely as the alarm would send this shock wave around bringing every single pair of eyes around you beaming at you. To even put your iPhone in your pocket leaving the tightest grip on it as not even worth trying. You constantly saw in your ifeed people who faced the humiliation of being caught not iscrolling in public. One isnap and it started the chain reaction, everyone wanted to get one isnap of him and once one was taken all the people close would see it and then race to get there own isnap. The isnap would iface the person so everyone could see his ifeed details and the abuse was the final part to the reaction. Sometimes weeks later Vincent had seen that the person had live streamed their own death because the abuse piled up to much. The reaction of be caught not scrolling was so detrimental that your life after that day was not worth living. ifeed was used by everyone your boss at work would see that you weren’t iscrolling so didn’t want to talk to you anymore and so fired you. Vincent had to be very carefull when not looking at his iPhone as it was nearly a life and death game. Vincent just then took a quick look up at the iPhone infront of him to see the ifeed in front was displaying his ifeed iphoto.

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